Saturday, May 30, 2009

BIG SALE!!! Proceeds go to charity

Here you are guys. Everything must go. The whole package (10 Tees and 1 vest) for RM 130 (reserve price) plus shipment cost.

Open for bidding from now till 18 th June 2009, 12 midnight.Highest Offer secures. So, start bidding now.

All proceeds go to MMCA as mentioned in my earlier post. Please visit their website for details of what the charity does and the families and people that it is helping.

You can share the tees with your friends or give away as presents.Even if you don’t want to keep all the Tees you can donate the balance to this charity.

Honestee #2: Green means go. Yellow means go faster. (RM30)
2-greenmeansgo 2-greenmeansgo-back

Honestee #5: Slurping Ape Singapore (RM15)
5-slurping-ape 5-slurping-ape-back

Honestee#7: The Love Bus *NEW* from Artwork PH (RM30)

7-thelovebus 7-thelovebus-back

Honestee #8: GeecK (RM30)
8-GeecK 8-GeecK-back

Honestee #11: Exaggeredtion (RM30)
11-exaggeredtion 11-exaggeredtion-back

Honestee #12: Fourskin Cotton (RM15)
12-fourskin 12-fourskin-front

Honestee #13: DCP Again (RM15)
13-dcp 13-dcp-back

Honestee #15: Art of War *NEW* (RM25)
15-artofwar 15-artofwar-back

Honestees #16: Gorillaz (RM30)
16-gorillaz 16-gorillaz-back

Honest Tee #19 Fly me away (RM 15)

Honest Tee #20 Honest Vest (RM 30 vest only)


  1. Okay I'm snapping up some of your shirts.

    Honestee #5: Slurping Ape Singapore (RM15)

    Honestee #12: Fourskin Cotton (RM15)

    Honestee #13: DCP Again (RM15)

    You know my number. And you know my address. ;-)

    -- Edmund Loh

  2. Hi Edmund,

    The special price is for the whole package of 10 Tees and 1 vest. If you want just 3, please go to view all 21 shirts for the normal price.

    Why don't you make an offer for the whole deal- lah, it's for charity anyway.


  3. Mum using her aunty-guerilla tactics again ;)

  4. I believe it is called an 'upsell'...