Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honestee #13: DCP Again (RM15)

Click on the pictures to zoom in!

Looks good? Order it now! (before someone else does)


“Okay this one is quite pre-loved. Another one of those loose tees I wore in college and have forgotten about since.”

Where did you get it?

“DCP, The Heeren, Orchard Road, Singapore.”

Why are you selling it?

“I have too many casual, loose fit tees. It’s not like I go hang out at a mamak or a shopping center 50 times a week. So my mom convinced me to sell at least half of them.”

Anything I should know of?

  1. The photos look a bit blue-ish but it is a bit green-ish to me. Or maybe it’s just me.
  2. I was told DCP is a Singaporean local fashion label.
  3. This one is quite old-looking. If you’re going for that look, this is it. The color near the collar is a bit faded, too.

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