Sunday, May 17, 2009

Honestees Vol.1: Remix of NEW and Not-As-New tees for RM15 to RM30

Hi, I’m Deborah.

My son has too many t-shirts so I’m selling his unused ones off using this blogshop. All tees are under RM30. If you buy 3 tees or more you get 10% off, if you buy 5 tees or more, you get 20% off.

I’m quite new to this, so I don’t really know how to do this best, so I took photos of how the shirt looks on him and interviewed him about each of the shirts, so as you can hear him tell you about:

  1. The condition of the shirts (new or not-as-new)
  2. Where he bought it
  3. Why he doesn’t mind me selling it off
  4. Anything else you need to know about the shirt (because there is no refunds)
  5. Links to how to pay.

SOLD!Honestee #1: Wolverine (RM30)
1-wolverine 1-wolverine-back

Honestee #2: Green means go. Yellow means go faster. (RM30)
2-greenmeansgo 2-greenmeansgo-back

SOLD! Honestee #3: Do not pass go (RM25)
3-backtojail 3-backtojail-back

SOLD!Honestee #4: Scarf Crowe *NEW* (RM20)
4-scarfcrow 4-scarfcrow-back

Honestee #5: Slurping Ape Singapore (RM15)
5-slurping-ape 5-slurping-ape-back

SOLD! Honestee #6: Spades not red (RM20)
6-spades-not-red 6-spades-not-red-back

Honestee #7: The Love Bus *NEW* from Artwork PH (RM30)

7-thelovebus 7-thelovebus-back

Honestee #8: GeecK (RM30)
8-GeecK 8-GeecK-back

SOLD! Honestee #9: Topshop Tattoo (RM15)
9-tatoo 9-tatoo-back

SOLD! Honestee #10: Help Me *NEW* (RM25)
10-help-me-2 10-help-me

Honestee #11: Exaggeredtion (RM30)
11-exaggeredtion 11-exaggeredtion-back

Honestee #12: Fourskin Cotton (RM15)
12-fourskin 12-fourskin-front

Honestee #13: DCP Again (RM15)
13-dcp 13-dcp-back

SOLD! Honestee #14: King Cobra (RM25)
14-kingcobra 14-kingcobra-back

Honestee #15: Art of War *NEW* (RM25)
15-artofwar 15-artofwar-back

Honestees #16: Gorillaz (RM30)
16-gorillaz 16-gorillaz-back

SOLD!Honest Tee #17 Bark on white (RM 20)

SOLD! Honest Tee #18 Flower Power (RM 20)

Honest Tee #19 Fly me away (RM 15)

Honest Tee #20 Honest Vest (RM 30 vest only)

SOLD!Honest Tee #21 White means honesty (RM 25)

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Thanks for coming by my first blogshop! Hope you find something you like!

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