Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honestees #16: Gorillaz (RM30)

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16-gorillaz 16-gorillaz-back

Looks good? Order it now! (before someone else does)


“Good. I wore this about 5 times max back in college before I went overseas and left it in the cupboard forevermore. But it has a small unnoticeable hole somewhere.”

Where did you get it?

“Bought it in a small boutique near Taylor’s College 4 years ago. The same time I bought my Wolverine shirt.

Why are you selling it?

“I need to make space in my cupboard, so my mom convinced me to sell off tees I rarely wear.”

Anything I should know of?

  1. Gorillaz is not the national geographic kind, it's the band with the lead singer of Blur in it.
  2. You don't have to like Gorillaz music to wear the shirt. The cartoon is kinda cool.
  3. But it isn’t an ‘official’ merchandise or anything, just some made in Bangkok printed tee.
  4. Nevertheless, the Gorillaz print rocks!

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  1. The tees are mostly Size S. Please also read:- Got Questions, Read this at;-

    Thanks for your query, Andy