Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why did I open this blogshop???


And he just keeps buying more. Waste money.

So one day, I went into his cupboard and ask him 1 by 1 why he never wears some of his shirts.


And I ask him to GIVE THEM AWAY. Wah he make so much noise so I ask him to to sell it. But he say he is busy.

What's a mother to do?

Then he so ‘clever’ – say he will teach me how to open blogshop to sell off some of his shirts for him. I really cannot stand all these nice shirts sitting around in his cupboard so I thought… why not give it a try?

Just now he spent few hours with me, taking photos, writing, setting the blogspot thing up so I can show you the shirts, then he went out with his friends.

I convinced him to sell 16 pieces for now. The rest I don’t see him wear also don’t know why he still wants to keep…

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