Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honestee #7: The Love Bus *NEW* from Artwork Philippines (RM30)

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7-thelovebus 7-thelovebus-back

Looks good? Order it now! (before someone else does)


“I have never worn this. This is brand new.”

Where did you get it?

“Artwork, from Manila, Philippines. If I’m in Manila, I will always make a trip to Artwork and get at least 6 shirts at once! They have their own unique cloth, dyes, prints, and cuts. I love it.


Why are you selling it?

“Bought it in a rush! Didn’t have much time during that trip. Later when I tried it on, the earth color didn’t play off my skin too good. So I never wore it.”

Anything I should know of?

  1. It’s a more slim and long kind of cut.
  2. The back print has a bus and a heart. I think of the Beatles. Hmm…

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