Saturday, May 16, 2009

Honestee #8: GeecK (RM30)

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8-GeecK 8-GeecK-back

Looks good? Order it now! (before someone else does)


“Good condition. Doesn’t look too new, even thought I only worn this twice.”

Where did you get it?

“A Calvin Klein Factory Outlet in California.”


Why are you selling it?

“I love the button up geeky kind of look, but for a collared tee it is quite short, even for me.”

Anything I should know of?

  1. It has a really small chest pocket, which looks good.
  2. If you’re tall, or you have a long body, this *might* be short for you.
  3. It can kind of hang off the top of your shirt and show your belt, if you’re into that look.

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