Saturday, May 16, 2009

Answers to 8 Questions about buying the shirts

  1. How do I buy the shirts?
  2. Can I get discount? I’m buying many shirts from you!
  3. Will the shirts fit me? What is the cutting like?
  4. If I don’t like the shirt can I get a refund?
  5. Will you be selling more shirts later?
  6. Who are you? Are you really a mother?
  7. Who is your son? What is he like?
  8. I have more questions! Can I ask you something?

1. How do I buy the shirt from you?

  1. Email me
    • The # of which shirt you want. Like “#05, #06, #08”.
    • Your phone number
    • Delivery: I will mail it to you via Poslaju. RM10 for item less than 500gm. D+2 days for delivery
  2. Then I give you my bank account number, and let you know how much it costs for me to mail it to you.
  3. After you bank in the money, please advise shipment address.


No one else can buy the shirt, because you are the first one who paid for them!

Choose that shirt before some one else does.

2. Can I get a discount? I am buying many shirts from you!

The price of the shirts are given by my son, and they are FIXED. But if you really really want some discount:

  • Buy 3 get 10% discount!
  • Buy more than 5 get 20% discount!

That’s really the best I can do. I know I am an ‘aunty’, but please don’t bargain anymore with me… this discount is to help the both of us through recession.

Just choose more shirts and you’ll get the discount.

3. Will the shirts fit me? What is the cutting like?

My son is VERY PICKY about the FIT of his shirts. Which means Honestees are quite good fitted:

  • They will NEVER have long/baggy sleeves, or ‘off-shoulder’
  • Quite ‘slim fit’ / muscle cut, never baggy
  • They are never too long for Asian bodies

If you are

  • Not taller than 5ft 8 inches
  • Not L sized
  • You fit into a TopShop XS, S, or M
  • Are into the ‘indie-rock’ or ‘fit’ or ‘athletic’ kind of look

You are going to LOVE the cutting of these shirts.

4. What if I bought the shirts, but I don’t like them? Can refund?

I’m sorry, no refunds.

For each shirt, I got my son to tell you the exact condition of the shirt, where he bought it, and why he is selling it, and information you should know, so at least you know what you’re buying.

I suggest you look properly before you buy.

5. Will you be selling more shirts? Or what other stuff will you sell?

I don’t know yet. If this goes well who knows maybe I can get more nice men’s clothes from my son, or ask him to buy extra when he travels and shops…

Click on “GET UPDATES”

If you want to be the first to get an email about new shirts and stuff.

6. Who are you? Are you really a mother?

My name is Deborah, and mother to 3 sons. And one of them has seriously too many shirts.


I enjoy line-dancing, shopping, reading, cooking, going out with my friends, going out to eat with my husband, and spending time with my children.

I also enjoy sharing news about crime in Klang Valley. So my son taught me to use this blog instead of emailing him all the time.

He also introduced me to Facebook. My profile is here. It’s still quite empty and I don’t know what to do with it. He is also telling me about ‘Tweeter’ which I really don’t understand.

7. Who is your son? What is he like?

You can go read his blog He enjoys the internet, business, and from the looks of it, buying too many T-shirts.

8. I have more questions!

Just leave a comment here, I will try to answer them.

Hope all these answers help you choose which shirts to buy.


  1. hye aunty deborah..=)
    ur blog is pure n honest.
    i love that.hehe

  2. Oh my, blushing already, don't know what to say, just Thank you, I guess.

  3. Hello,
    i would like to take u as my supplier.
    i am going to open up this kind of online business officially
    opening a shop soon
    what im going do is try to promote your stuffs and see how the market is around me n ill considered u for my permanent supplier :)
    so i hope u r ok with this?
    please get back to me asap ya tq :)

    eleena - Kissable Sugar